The Status of WSCUC Accreditation

The status of WSCUC Accreditation indicates that an institution has fulfilled the requirements for accreditation established in the commission’s Handbook of Accreditation 2013. This means that the institution has:

  1. Demonstrated that it meets the Core Commitments.
  2. Conducted a self-review under the Standards, developed and presented indicators of institutional performance, and identified areas for improvement.
  3. Developed approved institutional reports for accreditation that have been evaluated by teams of reviewers under the relevant institutional review processes.
  4. Demonstrated to the Commission that it meets or exceeds the expectations of the Standards.
  5. Committed itself to institutional improvement, periodic self-evaluation, and continuing compliance with the Standards, policies, procedures, and decisions.

Accreditation is attained following the evaluation of the entire institution and continues until formally withdrawn.

It is subject, however, to periodic review and to conditions, as determined by the Commission. Every accredited institution files an Annual Report, provides information for a Mid-Cycle Review, and undergoes a comprehensive self-review and peer review at least every ten years.

Initial accreditation, as a matter of Commission policy, requires institutional self-review and peer review no more than six years after the date of the Commission action granting such status. Neither accreditation nor candidacy is retroactive. (Under certain circumstances, the Commission may set the effective date of accreditation up to six months prior to the Commission’s action.

(Extracted from the WSCUC Handbook of Accreditation 2013 Revised) 

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