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USP Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Priority Area 1: Education

This is USP’s core business aimed at providing the best possible support for each student to succeed. The key deliverables and outcomes to achieve this Priority Area are focused on improving the following areas:
  • providing a high quality teaching and learning experience;
  • the attainment of graduates’ attributes and learning outcomes;
  • ensuring student success;
  • enhancing the student experience and engagement;
  • better graduate employment and employability rates; and
  • the portability of qualifications.
It is envisaged that during this Strategic Plan, the University will review its academic portfolio to ensure that programmes are innovative and relevant to the Pacific context whilst recognising that they are balanced by global perspectives and regional priorities.


PA1 Objective 1To inspire our students across all campuses through implementing a world-class curriculum using the most appropriate pedagogical techniques for Pacific learners.

PA2 Objective 2To continuously improve the quality of teaching throughout the University through engaged and passionate staff.

PA1 Objective 4- Improve the quality and equity of student services across all campuses.

PA1 Objective 5- Create a student community with high ethical standards, empowerment and awareness of health and safety and environmental issues, and respect for others.

PA1 Objective 7- Improve student experience in the post-COVID-19 environment.




Priority Area 5: Governance and Intelligent Use of Resources 

This Priority Area covers our enabling strategies aimed at facilitating both an outstanding learning and teaching experience and fostering a deep culture of research and innovation within the University. Our estate and infrastructure as well as our virtual resources will focus on our ambitions to provide our students with the best possible education and student
experience. Our staff are at the heart of all our endeavours and it is our responsibility to foster a culture of excellence in the workplace.

Good governance continues to be a key priority for USP to achieve its strategic objectives and maintain its long-term viability and reputation. The University is committed to ensuring
that all Council members and senior management have a shared understanding of risk, and the changing operational and regulatory landscape of the University. We will ensure
that the highest level of good governance and ethics are paramount to all operations.

We will ensure that we deploy ICT resources intelligently for the benefit of students and staff. The financial resources, including critical investments in facilities and ICT infrastructure, will be used in a highly sustainable manner.

The administrative functions will necessarily be efficient and support the academic endeavours. The University will work hard to become a beacon of how an organisation can reduce its environmental impact

PA5 Objective 1Embed good governance practices throughout the University.

PA5 Objective 3- Ensure the financial sustainability of all University operations.

PA5 Objective 5Build the University’s business intelligence functions through strengthening institutional research and analytics to support planning, decision-making and reporting.

PA5 Objective 6- Develop and implement strong and effective human resource strategies, policies and practices that are aligned to the University’s strategic objectives and institutional

PA5 Objective 7- Ensure that our investment in physical infrastructure and facilities is appropriate to provide an excellent, safe and accessible environment.

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