The Approach and Purpose of WSCUC Accreditation

The accreditation process is aimed at:

  • Assuring the Community of Quality – assuring the educational community and the general public that an accredited institution has demonstrated it meets the Commissions core commitments to institutional capacity and educational effectiveness, and has been successfully reviewed under the Commissions standards.
  • Developing and Applying Standards – developing and applying standards to review and improve educational quality and institutional performance,  and validating these standards and revising them through ongoing research and feedback.
  • Promoting a Culture of Evidence – promoting within institutions a culture of evidence where indicators of performance are regularly developed and evidence collected to inform institutional decision making, planning and improvement.
  • Promoting Engagement – promoting deep institutional engagement with issues of  educational effectiveness and student learning, and developing and sharing good practices in assessing and improving the teaching and learning purpose.
  • Developing Adaptive Systems – developing systems of institutional review and evaluation that are adaptive to institutional context and purposes, that build on institutional evidence and support rigorous reviews, and reduce the burden and cost of accreditation.
  • Promoting the Exchange of Ideas – promoting the active interchange of ideas among public and independent institutions that furthers the principles of improved institutional performance, educational effectiveness and the process of peer review.

The overriding purpose of WSCUC accreditation is to assure stakeholders that a WSCUC-accredited institution has been rigorously evaluated and that it meets or exceeds the criteria required to maintain accreditation. The accreditation process is designed to build a culture of evidence, promote a commitment to institutional improvement, validate institutional integrity, and provide feedback that improves the accreditation process itself.

(Extracted from the WSCUC Website and WSCUC Handbook of Accreditation 2013 Revised) 

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