Alumni chapters and groups

Alumni chapters/groups are extensions of the USP Alumni Network (USPAN) that reach out to graduates in varied communities, both locally and internationally, and organize them into a unified body affiliated with the USPAN. Chapters/groups serve as ambassadors of the university.

Objectives of chapters/groups are to:

  • Assist and support USP in its overall mission
  • Help promote USP in each chapters’ community
  • Connect alumni back to the University by keeping them informed, engaged, and invested in the alumni community and the University
  • Increase fellowship among the members of the Alumni Network
  • Promote mutually beneficial contacts between students and alumni
  • Offer programs of relevance and service to alumni including providing opportunities for fellowship, socializing, and networking

Chapters can be organized based upon geographical or constituency bounds. A constituency chapter can be formed if sufficient interested alumni are associated with a particular constituency (faculties, schools, special interest groups, etc.).

If you are interested in starting a new Alumni group, contact the Alumni Office.

If you are interested in joining an alumni chapter/group, contact the Alumni Office.

Get in touch with us if you already have an established group and chapter, so we can add you to our list.

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