Name: Sandeep Ameet Kumar
Position: Assistant Lecturer
Phone: +679 9251967

Detail Information

Mr. Kumar completed his Bachelor of Science with graduate Certificate in Education majoring in Mathematics and Physics (2009), Post graduate Diploma in Applied Mathematics (2011), and Master of Science in Mathematics (2014) from the University of the South Pacific (USP). He has over nine years of tertiary teaching experience in Mathematics. Currently, Mr. Kumar is also a part time Ph.D. student at the USP.

Research Interest

Stability of Nonlinear Systems and Robotics

Planning Algorithms

Motion planning is an important element in robotics. The focus is on designing algorithms that generate useful motions by processing complicated geometric models.

Swarm Intelligence

Nature has always inspired man’s innovation of technology. Mimicry of nature has always benefited robotics. One of the concepts that have been extracted from biological systems present in nature is swarm intelligence. Swarming, of creatures in groups, can be found in nature in many organisms ranging from simple bacteria to mammals. A relatively new area of research looks into the behavior of swarms, in particular to how a swarm’s collective behavior could be mimicked to solve challenging engineering problems.

Members of organization

Member of “The University of the South Pacific Mathematical Control Group”

Undergraduate Courses:

  • MA262 Discrete Mathematics II
  • MA112 Calculus II
  • MA221 Linear Algebra II


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