Krishneel Prasad

Position: Teaching Assistant


Phone: 32 31932



COURSES Teaching:

Undergraduate Courses:

PH102 – Classical Physics
PH103 – Quantum and Electrical Physics
PH106 – Physics for Other Sciences
PH202 – Environmental Physics
PH206 – Electromagnetism and Electronics
PH/EE/MM301 – Renewable Energy Systems

Research Interest

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy modelling and Energy Audit, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change Mitigation.

Members of organization

South Pacific Physics Society

List of Publication:


  • An Energy Consumption and conservation study of Low Carbon Hotels in the Pacific Islands – A Fijian Case study 8th – 9th July 2015. International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Change (ICEECC 2015)
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint of Pacific hotels through renewable energy and energy efficiency. July 2014 International Conference on Renewable energy and climate change (ICRECC)
  • An energy consumption and conservation study of Pacific Island Hotels July 2013 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress

Books Chapters

  • Prasad, Krishneel and Singh, Anirudh (2015) Towards low carbon hotels in the Pacific region: a study of energy consumption and efficiency in hotels using models based on energy performance indicators. In: Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region. Climate Change Management. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 357-374. ISBN 978-3-319-14937-0

Research Supervision

  • SC356: Research Skills Development Semester 2, 2019
    Project Title: Productive Use of Solar Energy: A Case study of Tavuki Village in Kadavu
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