Neil Raj Singh

Position: Physics Laboratory Technician – (Discipline of Physics),
School of Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.


Phone: 9443621



1. Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change, (USP)

2. Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Physics), (USP)

3. Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics and Communications, (USP)

4. Bachelor of Science (Physics), (USP)


Work Experience:

I have 20 years of work experience in the provision of technical support services to USP’s discipline of physics Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, including Physics Masters and PhD academic staff and student research projects. I’m primarily involved with the technical management of research labs for the Physics Communications, Space Physics and Natural Hazards Group which does research on: (1) Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitoring based on GPS/BDS/GLONASS (2) COSMETECOR Multi-electrode System – Experimental subterranean electric measurement network capabilities for early detection and prediction of strong earthquakes (3) Lightning location by ‘Time Of Group Arrival’ of VLF sferics at multiple receivers via the World Wide Lightning Location Network – (WWLLN) detection system and Very Low Frequency (VLF) Research on the D-Region of the Ionosphere from space weather effects on navigational signals. Collaborative research is ongoing with: (I) University of Tokyo (Japan) (II) Wuhan University (China) (III) Beihang University (China) (IV) Distant School Cosmic Meteo Tectonics (Russia) (V) Otago University (New Zealand) and (VI) University of Washington, Earth and Space Sciences, Seattle (USA).

Research Interests:
Renewable Energy, Electronics, Space Physics and Nuclear Physics.

Members of organization

1. JICA Alumni Association of Fiji (JAAF)

2. South Pacific Astronomers Society of Enthusiasts (SPASE)

3. Pacific Association of Scientists and Engineers (PASE)

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