Discipline of Social Sciences

School of Law and Social Science (SoLaSS)

Discipline of Social Sciences

The Discipline is composed of six disciplines: Psychology, Social Work, History, Sociology, Gender Studies, and Pacific Policing. We aim for research and teaching excellence in each of these disciplines. We have a great team of scholars and support staff who come from all over the Pacific and beyond. Our team is expanding, and every year new research and teaching stars are arriving to join.

Our goal is to produce research that is both theoretically strong and practically focused, and which addresses important social issues in the Pacific Region. Among other topics our scholars and postgraduate students examine issues such as sexual prejudice, migration, non-communicable diseases, domestic violence, and bias against minority cultures. In addition to our research achievements, the School has an exemplary teaching record. Our primary goal in teaching is to create a learning environment that ensures each and every student reaches their full potential.

The Discipline of Social Sciences is located in the CELT building (Building 091 or 2A on the campus map)

For enquiries about enrolling in one of our programmes, please contact:

Mrs. Taraivosa Baikeirewa +679 323 2136 taraivosa.baikeirewa(at)usp.ac.fj

Mrs. Veniana Nacolarara +679 323 2083 veniana.nacolarara(at)usp.ac.fj