• Why did China build the Great Wall?
  • Why did Karl Marx think all workers were in chains?
  • Why did Hawai’ians kill Captain Cook?
  • Why was Fiji’s capital moved from Levuka to Suva?
  • Why was Samoa divided into two colonies in 1900?
  • Why was there was a crisis in the Solomon Islands in 1998-2003?
  • Why was Reverend Thomas Baker killed in the highlands of Viti Levu?


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The History Discipline offers a range of online courses in Pacific and World History. Come speak to us about the flexible study options available and the possible course options as these may change from year to year.

First year courses Course coordinator Offered in:
HY102: 20th Century World History Dr Dario Di Rosa Semester 1
HY101: Pacific Islands Prehistory Anawaite Matadradra-Dolavale Semester 2


Second year courses Course coordinator Offered in:
HY201: Pacific History: Colonial Worlds to Independence Dr Daniel Midena Semester 1
HY202: Pacific History: Pre-colonial Power struggles in Polynesia Dr. Nicholas Halter Semester 1
HY206: Modern East Asian History Dr. Nicholas Halter Semester 2
HY207: Pacific History: Melanesian Worlds Dr. Dario Di Rosa Semester 2


Third year courses Course coordinator Offered in:
HY303: Special Topic: USA in Asia Pacific region Dr. Daniel Midena Semester 1
HY305: World History: British Empire and Commonwealth Anawaite Matadradra-Dolavale Semester 1
HY302: Special Topic: History of Fiji Dr. Nicholas Halter Semester 2
HY304: Pacific History : Protest and Identity Dr. Daniel Midena Semester 2

POSTGRADUATE History Courses

Are you a history teacher looking to up-skill? Do you require a postgraduate diploma qualification for promotion at work? Learn the tools of the trade – become an independent historical researcher! Take our Postgraduate Diploma in History – one year full-time study or two years part-time. Special topics are offered each semester, such as Migration and Settlement in the Pacific; Race and Racism; Church history; Travel Writing; and Reading and Viewing the Pacific. There are flexible options available for teachers who are currently working full-time. Assessments can also be tailored so teachers can access and contribute to the creation of resources for senior secondary school history curriculum. Visit us on campus to discuss your options today.

Fourth year courses Course coordinator Offered in:
AL400 Research Methodologies in the Humanities and Social Sciences FALE compulsory course Semester 1
HY401: Reading and viewing in Pacific history Dr. Nicholas Halter Semester 1
HY402: Migration and Culture Dr. Dario Di Rosa Semester 2
HY404: Special Topic Dr. Daniel Midena Semester 2

The History team welcomes Masters and Doctoral students for research by thesis. Please see our staff page for staff research interests and supervision specialties. Contact any History lecturer or the School of Social Sciences administrator, for further information. Scholarship opportunities may be available to assist your postgraduate study.

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