Program Map

This program matrix captures the courses you will take in each semester of the undergraduate program.

Year of Study Semester 1 Semester 2
Year 1 PS101 Introduction to Psychology
PS103 Research Methods & Ethics 1
UU100 Core University Course
2nd major / minor
PS102 Developmental Psychology
PS107 Social Psychology
UU114 Core University Course
2nd major / minor
Year 2 PS203 Psychology Research Methods 2
UU200 Core University Course
2nd major / minor
2nd major / elective
PS205 Cognitive Psychology
PS206 Cross-Cultural Psychology
UU204 Core University Course
2nd major / minor
Year 3 PS305 Health and Community Psych
PS303 Advanced Psychological Research
2nd major / elective
2nd major / elective
PS304 Personality and Individual Differences
PS314 Applying Psychology to the Pacific
PS306 Cognitive Neuropsychology
2nd major /elective*

* double major students take PS303 plus ONE or MORE of the other 4 courses at level 300, with at least 3 level 300 courses being the expected standard; single major students should take all 5 of the level 300 courses

Our Programs

We currently have 15 courses available in our Bachelors programme. In levels 1 and 2 you will take foundation courses in cognition, cross cultural, child development and social psychology. In level 3 you will take courses in applied fields such as neuropsychology, health psychology and personality assessment. You will also receive training in research methods and analysis at all 3 levels including working on your own data collection and scaffolded research projects.

The BA Psychology can be taken as a single major OR combined with a second discipline for a Double Major. Psychology make a good pairing with most other subjects but some suggestions would be:

  • Psychology and Social Work: for careers in the social and community development sector or to move towards a counseling and clinical training
  • Psychology and Sociology: for careers in social policy and NGOs or academic research in human behavior and society
  • Psychology and Management: for careers in management, Human resources or marketing
  • Psychology and Education: for specialist careers in education, special needs education or child development
  • Psychology and Law or Pacific Policing: for careers in criminal justice, policing and legal settings.
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