Levente Orban


BA (KUC, Canada), PhD (uOttawa, Canada), PDF (UBC, Canada)

Email: levente.orban@usp.ac.fj
Tel.: +679 924-3957
: CELT 205

Research Area

Health Psychology, Precision Mental Health


I joined USP as a Lecturer in Precision Mental Health in 2021. Prior to that I taught Psychology in the Canadian higher education system for a decade, teaching quantitative and biological courses. While teaching, I initiated and collaborated with industry in mental health from the Silicon Valley to address questions in biomarker based detection and treatment of mental health conditions. I became interested in Psychology while studying at Kwantlen University College where I completed my undergraduate honours thesis with Farhad Dastur. He and the rest of the Psychology department inspired me to seek a career in Psychology academia. I continued my education at University of Ottawa where Catherine Plowright, and many other professors were as inspiring as those at Kwantlen.

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Courses Taught
  • Health Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
Postgraduate supervision
  • Accepting MA & PhD students
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