Micah 'Amd' Ahmad

Senior Lecturer

Email: micah.ahmad@usp.ac.fj
Office: CELT 201


BSc (St Mary’s U., Canada), PhD (Nat. U. Ireland, 2016), PDF (U. Sao Carlos, Brazil), PDF (Montreal Neur. Inst., Canada)

Research Area

evaluative learning, perceptual processing, innate/socialized biases, IQ training

Research Interests

Some current research interests within psychology revolve around configural and evaluative learning, non-conscious perception, and identifying the limits of socialized (relative to evolved) group biases.


I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in 2011. I subsequently received a research scholarship from the Irish Research Council (IRCSET) in 2012 to complete a research PhD in Experimental Psychology from Maynooth University, which was awarded in 2016. I next completed two externally funded postdoctoral projects in Brazil (Federal University of Sao Carlos) and Canada (Montreal Neurological Instite) before joining USP in mid-2019.

Courses Taught
  • PS203: Psychological Research Methods & Analysis 2
  • PS303: Psychological Research Methods & Analysis 3
  • PS205: Cognitive Psychology
  • PS304: Personality & Abnormal Behavior
Postgraduate Supervision

Currently not, but feel free to arrange a consultation.

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