Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and cognition – how we think, act, react and interact as individuals and social groups.

How can studying psychology help you get a job, earn money and be a better human being? Well, read on….

Having the knowledge to understand the complex causes of behavior is a key skill in being able to relate to others in both personal and professional settings. This provides graduates with a strong foundation for careers in mental health, social work, and rehabilitation professions.

Actually, Psychology goes far beyond that –  the ability to critically analyse, statistically assess, explain, and predict people’s behavior is fundamental to almost every industry. Also, as a discipline tied to both hard Science and Liberal Arts approaches, Psychology trains students in key transferable skills such as critical thinking, self-reflection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, report writing and communication.

These characteristics have made psychology a thriving academic discipline with a wide range of career prospects.

Why study Psychology at USP?

  • A Psychology Major gives you job prospects in a wide range of careers. These include education, health, management, human resources, marketing, the economy, social welfare, mental health, community development and social justice fields. There are generally low unemployment rates among Bachelors Psychology Graduates (based on Australian, UK and US labor information).
  • Psychology in the Pacific is new…and this is a good thing! Because it means there will only be a growth in employment opportunities and there is a recognized gap in the market for professional Psychologists and mental health experts (*additional PG study required)
  • USP Psychology combines international psychological science with a Pacific cultural perspective. We consider how the theories and research apply and impacts individuals, organisations and policies in the Pacific region.
  • Psychology will help you understand yourself and your community better. You will learn about aspects of behavior relevant to your daily life, including your interactions with others, your learning and memory performance, your ability to cope with pressure and your understanding of families and parenting.

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