Dario Di Rosa


BA in Anthropology (University of Palermo), MA in Anthropology (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), PhD in Pacific and Asian History (The Australian National University).

Email: dario.dirosa@usp.ac.fj
Office: CELT 120

Research Areas:

Social History, Colonial History, Oral History, Ethnography, Melanesia (Papua New Guinea), Capitalism and labour.


My engagement with the Pacific region evolved through my training in Anthropology (BA and MA in Italian universities). For my doctoral research in Pacific History (ANU) I spent 15 months in Papua New Guinea, working with Kerewo speakers of the Kikori region.

Courses Taught
  • HY102 20th Century World History
  • HY207 Melanesian Worlds
  • AL 400 Research Methodologies in the Humanities & Social Sciences (History component)
  • HY402 Migration and Culture.
Research Interests

My research is markedly interdisciplinary and explores how colonial experiences shaped ideas of what constitute ‘to be modern’ and how such ideas have been reworked in contemporary Pacific societies to address socio-economic inequalities. I have also published works explicitly discussing the epistemological issues emerging by deploying research methodologies grounded in different disciplinary contexts.


I accept the supervision of Master and PhD theses on any of the topics listed under research areas.

Current Students

PhD candidate (advisor) Afshana Anzeg. How did Socio-Economic and Gender Relations Shape Indo-Fijian Women’s Lives from 1920 to 1970

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