The Quality Office

An attribute that the University seeks continuously is Quality. The University is committed to raising both the quality of the services it offers as a whole and to continuously improving its academic standards. The overarching strategy that the University has in place is the Planning and Quality Assurance Framework.

USP Planning and Quality Assurance Framework

The USP Planning and Quality Assurance Framework provides carriage for the strategic direction that USP is taking to strengthen quality across the University services through innovation, continuous improvement and accountability. The implementation of the framework will be based on the four dimensions of the continuous improvement model – Approach, Deployment, Result and Improvement (ADRI)

Vision: Achieving excellence and innovation for sustainable development of the Pacific Island Countries.


  • (i) To provide Pacific people with a comprehensive range of excellent and relevant tertiary qualifications
  • (ii) To deliver the benefits of advanced research and its applications;
  • (iii) To provide communities and countries in the Pacific region with relevant, cost effective and sustainable   solutions, including entrepreneurship, to their main challenges; and
  • (iv) To be an exemplar of tertiary education for the Pacific Islands in quality, governance, application of technology and collaboration with national tertiary institutions.

Organisational Leadership

·         Organisational Overview

·         Governance

·         Management System

·         Strategic Planning and Review

·         Policy and Process Management

·         Internal Quality Management System

·         Benchmarking

·         Accreditation

·         Risk Management

Learning and Teaching

·         Learning and Teaching Strategy

·         Programme design, monitoring, revision

·         Student Learning and Success

·         Evaluation, assessment

·         Flexible learning

·         Partnering arrangements

·         Recognition of Teaching Excellence

·         Credit Transfer


·         Research strategy and management

·         Coordination, support and evaluation of research

·         Postgraduate student management and training

·         Research teaching nexus

·         Partnering arrangements and commercialization

·         Recognition of research excellence

·         Applications of research

Community Engagements

·         Good citizenship

·         Professional work

·         Administration/Management

·         Community service

·         Regional International links

·         Recognition of Excellence in Community


·         Staff management systems and staff support services

·         Staff planning, appointment, mentoring, appraisal, development

·         Recognition of all staff

·         Consultancies

Regional Campuses

·         Campus plans and Infrastructure development

·         Campus Development Framework

·         Consolidated Campus Development Plan

·         Standardisation of Quality across the campuses

·         Accountability to the country

Strategic Support Services

·         Student management systems and student support services

·         Financial management

·         Marketing, public relations


·         Library, Information Technology Services, Information Systems

·         Physical Resource Management

·         Physical facilities, laboratory provision

Institutes and Research Centres


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