An external review of academic programmes and disciplines is a comprehensive and periodic assessment of academic programmes/disciplines to enhance the quality of the programmes. These reviews will normally occur on a five-year cycle and will be undertaken by a panel of reviewers external to the University. The University undertakes the external academic programme reviews as per schedules agreed with Heads of academic units. A review of this nature may also be requested by the Vice-Chancellor & President. The external review process entails an internal self-review of the programme/discipline by the academic staff that teach or facilitate the courses in the programme/discipline.

The policy given below provides the guiding principles and procedures for review of academic programmes/disciplines at The University of the South Pacific: External Academic Programme Review Policy. This policy is for the current cycle of academic programme reviews that commenced in 2017.

Prior to year 2016, the Schools and/or disciplines were reviewed by External Advisors.

Reviews of non-academic sections ensure that the USP standard of excellence is maintained and that support sections of the University have an opportunity to plan strategically for the future. Reviews are evidence based and sharpen focus on areas in which excellence can be maintained or improved with the most effective use of available resources.

At the institutional level, school and support section reviews are overseen by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and are coordinated by the Planning and Quality (P&Q) Office with frequent interaction between P&Q staff, and support section under review. Each support section undertakes a self-assessment and is supported in this effort by the P&Q Office.

Another key component of the review process is the onsite visit by the selected external review panel. The review panel is expected to assess the claims in the Self-Review Report (SRR). The principal means of undertaking the assessment is through structured meetings during the review site visit. The review panel writes a report based on its interviews with support section staff and students (as applicable). The support section has the opportunity to respond to the panel’s report. Reviews culminate in an action plan which delineates action items for support sections. Support sections are also expected to undertake internal reviews to evaluate their performances against their strategic plans and objectives.

The Support Section Review Policy provides the guiding principles and procedures for review of support sections at the University. Click here to view the Support Section Review Policy.

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