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There are two types of academic transcripts that you can request from USP.  These are:

  1. Academic Transcript (Stamped)

This academic transcript has a fee of FJ$5.00, and this fee must be settled before the transcript is processed. You can make this payment at the nearest USP Cashier office. Once payment is complete, please present the receipt (payment evidence), to SAS Student Services. Your transcript will then be printed on the same day.  If you choose to make an online payment, kindly email proof of your payment to and a scanned copy of your  transcript will be sent to you via email.

  1. Official Academic Transcript

The Official Academic Transcript is a printout of your academic records on USP official transcript paper. The official transcript is the one that is issued at graduation and contains details about the university’s grading system.

Completing an online application Request for Academic Transcript and pay a fee of FJ$15.00 per copy.  The official transcript will take approximately 7 working days to process. You can also apply online on  The official transcript may be collected from SAS or mailed to an address specified on the request form once it is completed.


Current students can view their result slip for each semester / trimester of study on their SOLS account under the My Grades link.

Past students who no longer have access to their SOLS account will need to request for an Academic Transcript.

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