Restricted Pass

Students cannot apply for a Restricted Pass and this pass can only be awarded in a student’s graduating semester. For all of those who have applied for graduation, SAS will check to see if you have passed all the requirements for your program. If you have failed your last course, SAS will check to see if you qualify for a Restricted Pass and if you do, your grade will be amended to R.

8.1 A Restricted Pass for a failed course shall be awarded to a potentially graduating student who has passed in their final semester all but one of the courses required for the programme, provided that:

(a) the total marks for the failed course are within 5% of the pass mark; and

(b) the student has met the specified minimum standard of performance and participation (as mentioned in clause 1.3(c) of these regulations).

Clause 8.0 Restricted Pass For A Graduating Student –

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