IAS Laboratory Technician presents at Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network Conference


The Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) laboratory technician Miriama Vuiyasawa presented at the Ocean Acidification (OA) week in September 2021 for the Pacific Islands and Territories Ocean Acidification Hub (PI-TOA) session. The week long event, organized by the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) was a virtual multi-day forum that highlighted different aspects of OA research and initiatives from around the world.

The webinar included plenary sessions, community discussion sessions and Hub sessions that was hosted by different GOA-ON regional hub where researchers and hub members presented on the OA works conducted.

Miriama who is completing her Masters of Science degree presented on a pilot project that monitors the effect of Blue Carbon Restoration on the water quality by monitoring the water parameters. “The webinar was a golden opportunity for USP to share its work and experiences in the area of Ocean Acidification,” she said.  “It also allowed us to learn of other best practices in the field of OA from around the world,” she added.

The focus of the OA week was to:

  1. Engage the OA and broader oceanographic communities, raise awareness to the issue of OA, and bring attention to the global OA monitoring, research, capacity building, and education efforts
  2. Raise awareness of and maintain momentum around the upcoming 5th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World
  3. Share GOA-ON’s three High-level Goals and introduce the GOA-ON OARS Program

The OA week has also improved networking and sharing of information amongst scientists and researchers whereby all plenary talks and regional hub presentations are made available on the GOA-ON’s YouTube Channel.

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