Labasa Campus Emergency Contact Numbers & Information

In the event of any emergency ALWAYS CALL FOR HELP!

Labasa Campus Emergency Phone Contacts

USP Labasa Campus Director Dr. Samuela Bogitini +679 3239202
Police Labasa 917
Fire Labasa 910
Ambulance Labasa 911
EFL Labasa 913
WAF Labasa 5777


When you see smoke or fire in your building or vicinity, knowing what to do in those initial minutes may save your life and those around you.

Labasa Campus Fire Emergency & Evacuation Procedure

It is important to be able to use First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment present in this Building.

Ensure that Servicing of these equipment is done regularly and that all equipment are maintained and functioning. Report any defective or missing equipment to the most senior supervisor of the campus immediately.

 Fire Extinguishers  Fire Hose Reel Fire Blankets 

Building Fire Wardens

Building Fire Wardens are USP staff and designated students  who have received training from the National Fire Authority to conduct basic building fire safety preparedness and response activities, including using firefighting equipment and conducting building evacuations.

There are 2 types of Building Fire Wardens in USP.

USP Building Fire Warden Roles & Responsibilities.

It is important that every level and workplace within the building has a trained fire warden. It is also important for all occupants of the building to recognize them and assist them in their duties.

Labasa Campus Building Wardens

Volcanism & Earthquakes

The Fiji island group is located within the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire, and as such is susceptible to volcanism and earthquakes.

There are no active volcanoes on the island of Vanua Levu.

It is important for all persons to be aware of what to do during and after an earthquake has occurred.

Earthquake Advisory Brochure


Tsunami Hazard Zone

The Building in which the Labasa Campus is located is within the Labasa Tsunami Zone.


Tsunami Evacuation Sites

The Higher levels of the building can be used as a tsunami evacuation site by building occupants to wait the tsunami out.

However in the event of the building itself being unsafe , occupants must evacuate immediately to Tsunami Evacuation Sites at the Labasa Hospital area or the FSC staff quarters Hill.

Rain Storms & Cyclone

All USP campuses in the Cyclone belt of the South Pacific Region are susceptible to cyclones during the months between November to April.

It’s important to be well prepared for these cyclones before they happen, and take all precautions during and after cyclones have occurred.

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