Work Accident Prevention

It is the duty for all USP workers and students to report any hazard or unsafe work act or unsafe workplace condition to the most senior campus supervisor by filling and sending USP Hazard Injury Incident Form.

It is the duty of the most senior campus supervisors to ensure that risks posed by these hazards is eliminated or reduced to negligible levels.

It is the duty of the workplace OHS representative to ensure that these processes are documented and that this process is not impeded.

Workplace Accident Video


Management of the Injured Worker in Workplace

Responsibility of the Injured Worker

Whenever an Injury occurs in the workplace it is the responsibility of the worker to report it immediately to the most senior supervisor and seek First Aid and definitive medical attention, see FIRST AID in the Workplace.

Labasa Emergency Phone Numbers to contact local hospitals must be available to all staff and students.


Role of Senior Supervisor

It is the responsibility of the  most senior supervisor or his delegate to arrange and facilitate immediate transfer of the injured staff or student to the Labasa Hospital.


Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries must be notified immediately to the most senior campus supervisor and USP OHS Unit.


Workers Covered under QBE Scheme

If the worker is covered under the QBE medical insurance scheme, the  QBE workman compensation form must be filled and submitted to the closest QBE insurance office within 7days of the injury occurring.


Recovery & Return to Work

For Injured Worker you must read this Advisory.


Injury and Accident Investigation

It is essential that all serious Injuries be formally investigated immediately as possible.

The injured worker, fellow workers witnessing the injury must fill in this Accident Statement Form.

The supervisor must fill in this form Supervisor Statement Form.

The campus director is to conduct an accident inquiry hearing where all persons will be given opportunity to account for the events and causes leading to the accident and injuries occurring.

Copy of the Minutes of inquiry and related reports must be submitted to USP OHS Unit as soon as reasonably possible.



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