First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid is the provision of basic emergency resuscitation & treatment to victims of injuries and illnesses at the time and location of these events occurring until/on route to definitive secondary medical treatment being provided to these victims.

These emergency situations in the workplace may include treating cuts and bruises, sprains from falls, near drowning and someone falling unconscious or suffering an epileptic fit.

ABCDE is a basic First Aid technique which everyone within the university can master.

USP Staff and students undertake First Aid training with local accredited First Aid Training provider eg. ST John ambulance and Red Cross Societies to attain First Aider certification within the university.

First Aid Training is usually done during semester breaks in April, June and September every year . If interested fill out the USP OHS Training Application form for First Aid training.

It is the responsibility of the senior campus supervisor to replenish all first aid kit contents at 3 monthly intervals.

The first Aider responsible for the kit is responsible for keeping first aid register for it and informing the local workplace OHS committee and head of department.

It is important to call for help whenever an event requires first aid to be administered.

The Labasa Hospital is located a few km away and will be the hospital to which injury and medical cases from campus will be transferred to for definitive medical care.

Labasa Hospital


First Aid Awareness

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