Alumni /Students Testimonial

Name: Mrs. Loupua Pahulu-Kuli
Field of Study at USP: Law
Occupation and Position:     Senior Magistrate, Magistrate Court of Tonga
Organisation: Judiciary Department, Ministry of Justice
Country : Tonga
Testimonial :
USP Law School offers diversity of law courses. A USP LLB graduate student is fully equipped in most areas of law in any Pacific country.  Legal profession in the Pacific needs USP.


Name: Mrs. Ngaio Mila Tu’itupou Siakumi
Field of study at USP: Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Education & Geography)
Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change
Current Programme of study at USP: Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Occupation and Position: Deputy Principal at ‘Eua High School
Organisation: Ministry of Education and Training
Country: Tonga.
USP has definitely prepared me to be better equipped for my professional career.  Having the opportunity to study in USP, while being a teacher has helped me to become a better ‘Agent of Change’.

Name : Mr Edgar Haak.
Field of study at USP : Geography.
Qualifications: BA (GE&SO) 2012, PGD (GE) 2018, MA (GE) 2020.
Awards: New Zealand Regional Scholarship Trophy for the Most Outstanding Student in Social Science 2012 / USP Gold Medallist for the Most Outstanding Student in Geography 2012.
Occupation and Position: Secondary School Principal of St Peter Chanel College, Vava’u.
Organization: Catholic Education System of the Diocese of Tonga and Niue.
Country: Tonga
Testimonial :
“The University of the South Pacific provides ALL a person needs in order to serve his/her own family, community and nation. USP is the BEST.”

Name : ‘Ofakilevuka (‘Ofa) Guttenbeil-Likiliki is a women’s and children’s rights activist, feminist researcher, human rights, gender and leadership trainer, facilitator and filmmaker of the Oceanic Pacific. She has been Director of Tonga’s Women & Children Crisis Center (WCCC) for the last 11 years that she helped establish in 2009.  She holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Media, Film and Television from the University of Auckland, and a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws form the University of the South Pacific.


Never stop wanting to learn.  Learn about different things and expand your willingness to understand diverse perspectives and experiences.  Studying at USP gave me the unique opportunity to study law in 14 Pacific jurisdictions; you won’t get that specialised learning and experience anywhere else!

Name: Patelisio Fe’ao
Field of Study at USP: Mathematics and Education
Occupation and Position: Mathematics Teacher
Organization: St Joseph’s Community College Ha’apai (Ako Katolika)
Student ID: s96004172
Country : Tonga

USP is proof that we, as Pacific people, are able to be up there amongst the best and still humble by the appreciation of our culture and traditional ways.


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