Assurance and Compliance

Welcome to the Assurance and Compliance section site. This site gives you information about our services. We do the following things:

  • Arranging our non-medical insurance cover.
  • Supporting the development of our risk management and compliance framework.
  • Managing the delivery of compliance audits.
  • Managing the delivery of the internal audit service.

You’ll find details of our services listed under the tabs you see above. You’ll also find guides and self-assessment tools on the site. These will help you manage risks and improve your controls and operations. These guides have been developed with input from University staff. Other outside sources have also been used.

One thing we’ve prioritised is writing the site in plain English. We’ve avoided jargon wherever possible. Many of the things we are responsible for are notorious for jargon! Technical details have been put in separate documents. We include these details in case you need to refer to them.

We try to keep our guides short. We’ve split things up into bite-sized chunks. It makes it easier to digest the information. We hope this approach helps you.

We’ve tried to make our site comprehensive and useful. Please feel free to contact us about anything on the site. Our details can be found in the tab above. We are always looking to make it better, so any suggestions will be very welcome.

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