Computer Networks and Security

Data communication is the centre-point of modern technological development and a secured channel is highly crucial for transporting sensitive and confidential data from a source to the destination. Computer Networks and Security is a specialized branch of computing technologies that deals with communication networks as well as standard securities.

The Bachelor of Networks and Security (BNS) programme covers a range of sub-specialties including: communication networks and protocols, multimedia systems, Web standards and technologies, network security, wireless network, cloud computing, mobile computing, and distributed systems. On completion, the graduates of this programme can expect to find employment opportunities in ICT domain of private, public, and non-profit organisations. There are a wide range of career options, including, but not limited to, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Telecom Engineer, Network Engineer, Information Security Consultant, Applications Developer, App Developer, and Researcher in the domain of network and security.

USP offers the degree of Bachelor of Networks and Security. This is a four year professional degree accredited by Australian Computer Society.

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