Land Management Student Association (LMSA) AWARDS NIGHT 2019


On November 8th, 2019, the LMSA held their inaugural Awards Night at Vineyard Palace Restaurant, Suva.

Main Objective:

The idea of the Awards Night came from the committee who became aware that students at each level knew each other but not so much across different levels. Hence the need to build camaraderie, enhance learning and ensure networking opportunities for the future. Therefore, the main aim was to encourage inclusiveness for Land Management & Development students.

The theme of the night is also very important as this is one of the problems faced in the workforce and the Student Association would like the Land Management & Development students to always maintain integrity and discipline in their life as it will only reflect well upon them and their education.

Number of Guests in Attendance: 190 guests

Chief Guest:  Mr. Josefa Dulakiverata

Mr. Dulakiverata is the Director and Owner of the valuation firm, Property Solutions. As one of the recognized valuers practicing in Fiji, Mr. Dulakiverata was invited to be the chief guest at the event and share his knowledge on the field as well as advice with relation to the theme.

Special Guests in Attendance:

Professor Stephen Pratt
Head of School Tourism and Acting Head of School Land Management and Development

Ms. Asenaca Nawaqalevu
Lecturer, School of Land Management and Development

Ms. Fulori Liwaono
Secretary, School of Land Management and Development

Professor Pratt gave a speech on the theme for the night “Ethical and professional land management” that stressed the importance of the theme and encouraged the students to be more diligent in maintaining their ethical standards.

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