Kamsin Raju (Bachelor of Geospatial Science and Land Management)

Year Graduated: 2018

Employment: Local Resilience Office for UN Habitat stationed within Nadi Town Council.


University was truly a learning experience for me not just academically but in relation to personal growth, social life and having the perks of independence.


While a student of LMD, I was able to offer my skills in peer mentoring, winning accolades in both 2016 and 2017 for being an outstanding mentor and E-mentor. I also participated in a few conferences which helped me build social skills and confidence that were super useful when I entered the workforce. I was able to work with some of the academics in the school as a tutor post-graduation, which helped me work with students who had similar issues to me.  After University, I interned for the South Pacific Community within the Geo-Informatics Team before I was poached by UN Habitat to work with informal settlements. Two years later, I have no regrets because I know the work I do directly contributes to vulnerability assessments and action planning that will help so many communities become resilient.

All the friendships, all the heartbreak and all the near misses – university was worth it all! I wouldn’t change anything because my university experience made me who I am today; confident, capable and unapologetically head strong. To incoming students:  Invest in yourself. Make friends, have a social life, explore everything you’re curious about because you’re never going to have this much free time again.

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