Professor Spike Boydell

Prof Spike Boydell PhD FRICS FAPI FIVEM is a Property Rights expert, a Property Theorist and specialist in Valuation, Sustainability, and Pacific Land Tenure. Prof Boydell is Adjunct Professor with the Discipline of LMD at USP.

Career summary

Prof Spike Boydell is retired Professor of the Built Environment (University of Technology, Sydney 2006-2016), Co-Founder of Customary Land Solutions, and General Editor of the Routledge Complex Real Property Rights Book Series. Prof Boydell has more than twenty-five years of progressive professional experience at a senior management level. This has been at a regional level at the University of in the South Pacific, with associated roles as Land Resources Advisor to the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP), SDWG, PIFS, SPC, SPREP, NGOs donors and member governments in the Pacific region.


His research leadership and management role at the University of Technology, Sydney has morphed into regional and international activity as Foundation Director of the UTS: Asia-Pacific Centre for Complex Real Property Rights. This latter role is grounded on Indigenous advocacy, resource development and partnership mobilisation through trans-disciplinarity.


He has worked for the UN FAO as a consultant and visiting expert, delivered research for the World Bank, GTZ, SIDA, CSIRO and AusAID. Prof Boydell is an experienced author and has published 4 books, 9 book chapters, 33 journal articles, 87 conference papers and 18 consultancy reports.

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