Ms Asenaca Nawaqalevu


 Career summary

 Ms Asenaca Nawaqalevu has a Bachelor of Planning (1990) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a Master of Urban & Regional Planning (1996) from the University of Sydney, Australia. She has been an academic at USP since 2011 and has fulfilled teaching responsibilities across a wide range of courses relating to town and country planning, property development and economics. Previously, Ms Nawaqalevu was employed at the Suva City Council (1996-2010) as City Planner with responsibility for formulating urban development policies in relation to specific issues, preparing reports on town planning related matters for Council’s consideration, issuing Development Permission on Development applications, reviewing subdivision applications for compliance with town planning requirements, preparing short- and long-term neighbourhood plans, and analysing traffic studies in consultation with stakeholders such as Architects, Engineers and the community .


Since 2020, Ms Nawaqalevu has been the course coordinator for Town and Country Planning (LM215), and Land Economics (LM401) is semester 1 and Land Management Synthetic Project (LM315) in semester 2.  Please refer to the USP Handbook and Calendar 2022 for further details about these courses.

 Research interests

 Ms Nawaqalevu’s research interests include:

  • Development of Customary land and its administration, with the aim to contribute to literature on customary landowners’ perspective; and
  • Affordable housing for all due to current escalating house prices driven by the demand and supply situation.

 Conference presentations & research papers

  • Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia & The Pacific Region, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March, 2006).
  • Nawaqalevu, A (2008) Paper presented on Sustainable Urban Planning – Asia and Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  (March-April 2008).
  • World Urban Forum held in Nanjing, China, November 2008 – part of team presentation   from Pacific Nations under UN Habitat on “Urbanisation in the Pacific”. Presented the Fiji case study on informal settlements.
  • Overview of Forests and Town & Country Planning Systems: The Fijian Perspective, Scion Preconference Workshop, Brisbane, Australia; March, 2017.
  • Opportunities for Conservation in Town and Country Planning: Unleashing opportunities for urban green spaces: Perspectives from Fiji and Tuvalu; Wellington, New Zealand, July, 2018.
  • A Residential Satisfaction for Public Rental Board Housing in the Greater Suva Urban Area, Fiji Islands; January, 2020.
  • Client induced Valuation Bias in Fiji; 2022.
  • Governance Systems, Land Tenure and Community Participation in Pacific Island Countries (2020). Paper submitted under ADB as one of co-authors.
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