Career opportunities

A wide career choice is open to graduates because of the broad base of vocational study. Within the public sector, employment opportunities exist in the central and local government agencies such as the iTaukei Land Trust Board (iTLTB), Lands and Survey Department, City Councils and the Housing Authority of Fiji. Many local authorities and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning employ land managers who have a particular interest in planning and development. Rural Development is a field where job opportunities exist. In the private sector, graduates are employed in firms of Valuers, as Property Managers for large companies, in real estate agencies and financial institutions.

A well-rounded property professional needs education from our degree; the B.Com Degree which is recognised by both the Valuers Registration Board and the Institute of Valuation and Estate Management of Fiji. After completion of two years and approved practical experience, graduates are eligible for registration as a Valuer and for the membership of the Institute.

No one except a Registered Valuer is allowed by law to value real property in Fiji. There is new registration legislation coming in to other member countries that will restrict those dealing in property to having a recognised university land management qualification. The B.Com in Land Management degree is the door through which prospective Registered Valuers must pass.

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