Moot Court Exercise

Overview of Moot Court Exercise

The courses that School of Land Management and Development offers leads to the students becoming registered valuers after completing their academic qualification at USP and gaining practical experience in the industry. Every valuer who works in the industry required at some stage in the profession to give witness in the court as expert witness.

The moot court exercise provides students an opportunity to learn fundamental of court procedures, develop report writing skill, effective presentation and defending of their valuation in the court as expert witness.

The success of any participant in the moot court depends on the efforts put in by them in preparing the case. The court would be interested to know the basis of the opinion expressed by the witness. A strong basis can only be produced if a thorough research on data and other relevant information has been collected before presenting the evidence in the court. In the case of land acquisition, the purpose of valuation must be clearly understood by the valuer, the client and the counsel. Court would consider the relevance of the evidence on the subject matter. Expert witness should avoid the presentation of an inaccurate picture that would mislead the court. The evidence should be the same whoever is paying for it.

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