Welcome to Estates & Infrastructure

Strategic Asset Management & Planning

Welcome to Strategic Asset Management & Planning!

The Assets Team is formulated from the University of the South Pacific Estate Strategy and Asset Management Plan in conjunction with the University’s Strategic Plan of 2013 – 2018.  The  team is also responsible for the University’s Asset Database, Campus Planning, Space Management and Policy Management.  They also provide Support Services to the Contracts & Administration,  Design & Projects,  OHS teams within the Section of E & I.  The team also manages and maintains the E & I website.

Asset Management

Access!  The Asset Database is accessible by University Staff Only via MIS Online. For staff with approved access,  please click on the Facilities Database tab after logging in to MIS Online.  For staff requiring access or to enquire about your level of accessibility, Please contact: Peceli Kiliraki Phone: (+679) 3237114

Updates!  The Assets Team rely on your feedback to ensure the Asset Database is kept updated.

Please contact :Peceli Kiliraki  Phone: (+679) 3237114

Suggestions/Comments! – The Assets Team strive to constantly make improvements to the Asset Database.   We welcome your comments to assist the section make the database more useful for its users.

Please contact: Peceli Kiliraki  Phone: (+679) 3237114

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Space Application

The Space Form is embedded in the University’s Space Management Procedure, is a key document to help in the management of spaces in USP and for Space Planning in the future.  The Space form is a requirements for any Space issues that is outside of USP’s Planned Cyclic Maintenance Program and includes new building in conjunction with University’s Strategic Plan (2019 – 2030) & Campus Master Plan.  It also provides approval from the Space Manager and notifies the Assets Team in changes to Space Use or any Project that adds value to the Building or Property.  The Space Form is to be filled and then endorsed by the Space Managers i.e. SMT’s,Dean’s of Faculties and Campus Directors. 

Space Form Register

Teaching Space Audit Reports

Policies, Procedures and Templates