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The Projects services is an integral part of the Estates & Infrastructure Department and the University of the South Pacific as a whole. The section mainly deals with Capital Projects requested through the Space Form application process. This section is the steward of Technical and Project Management Standards in USP. The Section facilitates the planning process of building constructions, carrying out and facilitating design & drafting services, provision of scope and costing; and supporting services during construction phases. The Projects team supports USP’s Strategic Goal of Excellence through its delivery of services which complies with various National & International Standards. The section also ensures USP Buildings comply with the statutory engineering certifications.

Services Provided

Reports and Update

  • SMT & FIC
  • Sponsors and Client

Timeline/ Key Milestones

  • Risk Assessment – Risk Matrix
  • Capital Project Sizing Criteria Matrix
  • Project Cost Baseline – Construction, IT etc
  • Key Outputs

Assist procurement team

  • Monitor progress of the consultant
  • Reports and Updates to client
  • Resolving design RFI’s
  • Support procurement team
  • Reports and Updates to client
  • Assembly of tender documents
  • Resolving tender RFI’s/Queries
  • Site Supervision by the Clerk of Works
  • Weekly Clerk of Works Report
  • Facilitating site inspections by external consultants and engineers
  • Steering committee updates
  • Preparation of progress claims documentation for approval and payment processing
  • Tending to queries raised by contractors relating to technical issues through RFI’s

Ensure all certificates are provided such as, OHS, NFA and engineers certificate and so on, as required in the contract;

  • Review and finalize As-Built and O&M Manuals
  • Contractor performance evaluation
  • Providing update to Asset register team
  • Document Client and Stakeholder Feedback and compile the Lessons Learnt Register
  • Project Performance Analysis
  • Final Certificate with Client Sign-off
  • Comparing KPI’s, Benchmarking (TEFMA) and conformance to Design Perimeters.
  • Coordinating the E&I Sections to ensure the sites conform to the University standard signage and service level requirements prior to handover to the client

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