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Contracts & Administration Services

The Contracts and Administration team is the largest team within Estates and Infrastructure Section and provides Maintenance, Facilities and Estates Administration Services.

Our Objective is to provide a research and study environment that enables excellence in teaching, learning and research through ensuring that facilities are compliant, operational, available and safe, by undertaking a comprehensive maintenance regime utilizing directly employed craft and technical staff, and specialist external contractors.

The Contracts and Administration Section is made up of three core sub sections:

  1. Maintenance Management
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Administration

Maintenance Helpdesk

The Maintenance Help Desk is located in Middle Campus and provides a central point of contact to request work and is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, providing a central point of contact to make requests. Please visit us in person or contact us on Ph. 323 2440. Our Essential Services Equipment are monitored through our Operations Center 24/7.  Requests are dealt with according to the University maintenance policy and procedures. For any after hours request please contact the Campus Security on Ph. 323 2211.

Click on below to access the job card system or send an email to: maintenance@usp.ac.fj

Maintenance & Essential Services

Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Management team is responsible for providing cost effective and professional maintenance services that makes best use of available funding, is responsive to the maintenance needs of the University and conforms to the highest standards of quality. The services provided under maintenance are Preventative Maintenance, Reactive (Corrective) Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance and Support Maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

Something not Working?

Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Building Services

Report an Issue

Job Card System is a self-service system that issues service request tickets. You are given a ticket number and your request is directed to the specific maintenance team or relevant Estates Section who will be able to assist you.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergencies can occur at any time for a variety of reasons, and the University has people, systems and processes in place to ensure they are handled efficiently and appropriately.

For Building and Building Services Emergencies in the academic and administration areas please contact:

For Afterhours please contact Campus Security.

Click on the link below to contact any of our Essential Services Staff.

Preventative Maintenance

As the growing needs and aging of the University Infrastructure, the Preventative Maintenance program is designed to carry out scheduled detailed assessment and maintenance work on the building structure and building services to ensure compliance, facilities remain fit for purpose and there are no unplanned failures.

Click on the link below to view our maintenance plans.


Support Maintenance

Support Maintenance activities are unplanned non routine activities such as repair of departmental furniture, cabinets, cabinet locks, office desk, shelving, special event setup etc.

These services costs are charged back to the requester department.

For more information, please contact E&I Operations Centre on:

Planned Preventative, Deferred Maintenance and Operational Capital Projects

Facilities Management

Transport booking of 15 seater Mini Van and truck can be made through the Operations Centre depending on availability.

Contact our Operations Centre for more information.

For transport charges click here.

For events facilities furniture and pot plant is available for hire depending on availability.
Tables, chairs, dividers, pot plants, Lecterns are can be hired for special events and available on request.

Contact our Operations Centre for more information.

Hiring Charges

Description Duration Amount
Long Tables Per Day $5.00
Chairs Per Day $2.00
Pot Plant Per Day $5.00
Dividers Per Day $10.00
Lectern Per Day $10.00
Sign Board Per Day $5.00

Custodial Services are carried out frequently to ensure the facility is clean, fit for purpose and ready for use.

Contact our Operations Centre for more information or to give us feedback on these custodial services.

Click on the below links to view the schedule on these services.

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