How to Register Online

Visit your Student Online Services (SOLS) account to register for your courses or follow the steps below.

Ensure that you have received your admission offer letter and an email containing your password beforehand.


Academic Approval and Grievance Online

The Academic Approval and Grievance Online (AAGO) is an online facility that current and active students can use to lodge requests for the following processes of:

1. Change of Programme – to change programme at the same level

2. Pre-Requisite Waiver – to waive a course(s) pre-requisite

3. Special Registration – to register for a course(s) that wasn’t possible through SOLS

4. Campus Transfer – existing students moving within campuses

5. Course Withdrawal –  to withdraw from course(s) that they do not wish to be registered in.

You can submit an AAGO request here. 


Request for Fee Waiver

Request for Fee Waiver is only to be submitted by students who have not paid fees for course(s) that have no Coursework marks.

You may submit your Request for Fee Waiver here. 

Ensure that you provide the correct course(s) you are requesting for a fee waiver.


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