Request for a Name Change

Before the Graduation Ceremony

A request for name change must be made by completing the relevant section in the “Request for Change to Personal Details” form – – and should be accompanied by the relevant legal documentation like your birth certificate, marriage certificate or your passport, confirming the change. All required changes must be submitted to at least three weeks before the graduation ceremony to ensure that the Graduation Roll, your certificate and your transcript have your correct names.

After the Graduation Ceremony

If there is an error in the spelling of your name(s) on your certificate or transcript, graduates have two weeks after your graduation ceremony to return your certificate and/or transcript to Student Administrative Services and provide the relevant legal documentation showing the correct spelling of your name(s). After two weeks, the names on your certificate and transcript will be deemed as correct and final and no more changes will be made to the names on the Graduation Roll.

If, at a later date, you change your name or amend or correct the spelling of your name on your birth certificate, marriage certificate or your passport, we cannot change or amend your name on any previous graduation certificates as the Graduation Roll for your ceremony has been finalized. Thus, you will need to see a lawyer or any legal services and have an affidavit/statutory declaration done. This is a legal document to explain the differences in a person’s names. It should state that the name on your USP certificate is the same as your current name, and you use this every time you are submitting your USP documents along with your current legal documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate or your passport, to explain the difference in your names.

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