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Who are we?

Student Learning Support (SLS) provides support services for students in their strive for academic excellence. SLS programmes ensure that all students are better equipped to handle tertiary studies and get a step closer to their academic goals.

Meet Our Campus SLS Specialist



SLS Staff: Jiupili Simmons

Email: jiupili.simmons@usp.ac.fj

Ph: +679 8889218/ 7353900

What do we do?

We partner with lecturers, tutors, facilitators and help their students journey successfully from the start of their programme till graduation by providing academic support of writing, listening, speaking & reading in assignments and throughout the students  course of study.

How do we do it?

The services provided are:

  • Workshops – a series of workshops both virtual and face to face are conducted throughout the semester on study strategies, learning skills, writing, speaking and reading skills, library research skills, job seeking skills and student support and many more is conducted throughout the semester.
  • Face2Face consultations (Drop-in) – face to face sessions with students who ‘drop-in’ to seek assistance from the Student Learning Specialists at the SLS Hub, Talanoa Room, Level 1, USP Labasa Campus. Students can also drop in virtually via the SLS & First Year Experience Moodle page under the  “Need Assistance” section, email the SLS staff, book a Zoom session with SLS staff, phone consultations, or take advantage of the live chats on the SLS Moodle page.
  • Senior Peer Mentoring (SPM) – sessions where students are guided by a high achieving student (SP Mentor) in the same discipline they are studying. Mentors act as ‘study buddies’ for the students, providing them with a collaborative learning environment. This is done both virtually and face to face.
  • E-mentoring consultations – assisting students via email, Zoom, Big Blue Button, React Sessions.
  • Resources – printed and soft copies of study guides on the four modes and other resources for student reference.
  • Debate Series – interschools and interfaculty.

Why do you need to get help from us ?

Simple !! We Help You Achieve.

As you journey through your course of study, never feel isolated, alone or overwhelmed. SLS is always ready to help and bridge gaps from Lecturer to Students to enable you all a rewarding, fulfilling learning experience  at the University of the South Pacific Labasa Campus.

Disclaimer: SLS advice and resources are generic in nature. Instructions issued by your Course Lecturers & Course Coordinators always takes  priority.


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