Girmitiya Divas Celebration

Hindi Students and Teaching Assistant Mr Bhagirati Bhan with the Chief Guest Mr. Satya Shandil

Girmit Divas was celebrated Fiji Wide this year. The Hindi Students at the Campus also organised a programme at the campus during mid semester break to commemorate the efforts of the ancestral lineages under indenture system.

According to the Hindi Teaching Assistant Bhagirati Bhan, “while students will be assessed for this group project, it is also making them work-ready to know how to engage with community members and learn the efficacies of team building and cooperation.”

Present at the celebration were community members and families of students as well as staff. The Student Association also had helped in organization and welcoming the guests of the day.

The Chief Guest for the day Mr. Satya Shandil, reflected upon the history and remarkable efforts of girmityas which also was a historical reflection and learning for many.

It was a day when each one of us connected to the history with such great drama, dance and old folk song presentations from students and their family members.

‘Students must always be given a platform and assisted in every possible way “was a reminder from the Campus Director. This initially amplified the momentum as staff joined in the celebrations of the day during mid semester break.

Girmit Divas at the campus concluded with lunch and socialising with our guests.


Hindi Students during their drama


Welcome of the chief guest with traditional ‘tabla’ music

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