Discipline of Education

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Discipline of Education

Ni sa Bula and Welcome to the Discipline of Education

The Discipline of Education is the leading pre-service and in-service teacher education institution of excellence within the Pacific region. It upholds quality learning and teaching, and provides quality educational services as well as professional development programmes.

The mission of the Discipline of Education is to provide programmes of excellence in the pre-service and in-service education of prospective and professed teachers for Pacific schools and communities through teaching and learning, research, consultancy, publications, and community services.

The Discipline of Education believes that ethics, relevancy, accessibility, and inclusivity are the cornerstones of its policies, programs, courses and outreach activities and these are developed through partnership with the Pacific and international institutions and communities.

The mission is also committed to enhancing the quality of its teacher education programs, Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) strategies, postgraduate studies, research, publication and consultancy, and outreach activities. This focus ensures that the services provided by Discipline of Education are responsive to both the individual needs of students and their communities as well as the developmental needs of their countries. The outcome of these initiatives is to develop life-long learners who are keen to learn and live and work together peacefully in our diverse Pacific and global contexts. The mission also enables us to work towards the graduate attribute identified in USP Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024. The new SP is currently underway.

To achieve the mission, the Discipline of Education weaves into its policies, program, courses and outreach activities important Pacific knowledge systems that are embedded in the vision, mission, values and the six priority areas of USP and SPACE as well as the broader global framework.


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