Study Physical Education at USP

With eight courses in the undergraduate programme, students will be able to Major in Physical Education at USP.

The courses are grounded in the Pacific cultural experience and will also draw on the latest regional and international research, policy and practice. The curriculum is underpinned by the concept of physical literacy which is all about developing knowledge and behaviours that give children the motivation and confidence to enjoy active lifestyles. We have a lot of challenges in the Pacific and quality physical education will set our Pacific children on a path to happier, resilient and healthier lives and pave the way for a more productive Pacific.

Learn more about the benefits of Quality Physical Education in this video from UNESCO. A tailored Quality Physical Education programme supports students to develop the physical, social and emotional skills which define self-confident and socially responsible citizens.

Students in schools across the Pacific have a right to access quality physical education from qualified physical education teachers. These courses at USP will equip Bachelor students with the skills and knowledge to become Physical Education teachers. The PE Major includes a comprehensive range of courses including: Human Movement and Culture in the Pacific, Teaching Games for Understanding; Swimming and Aquatic Safety, Outdoor Education and Leisure; Inclusive Sports Performance; and Sports Education and Coaching.

The Physical Education Major includes the following compulsory courses:

  • ED180 Human Movement and Culture in the Pacific
  • ED183 Swimming and Aquatic Safety
  • ED184 Outdoor Education and Leisure
  • ED286 Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • ED289 Teaching Games for Understanding
  • ED287 Sport Education and Coaching
  • ED386 Inclusive Movement Performance
  • ED387 Teaching Physical Education in the Pacific

The PE courses are all offered in a blended format so students can learn from wherever they are across the Pacific from USP’s 12 Member Countries. The courses will be offered to both pre-service and in-service students and selected courses are also open to students enrolled in Bachelor of Education programmes across Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, and Special and Inclusive Education.

Successfully completing a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) at USP uniquely qualifies graduates to serve in a wide range of Pacific schools, sporting organisations, public health agencies, and recreation providers. Graduates can expect to work in, and be sought after by dynamic workplaces with a range of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

So no matter what stage you at in your career whether you are just starting your University studies, or you are an experienced teacher looking to continue your professional development – come to USP and learn to teach Physical Education the Pacific way!

Come to USP and learn to teach Physical Education the Pacific way!

Enrol now to start this exciting new PE Major programme from Semester 1, 2021.

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