Discipline of Education Heads of Section

Early Childhood Education & Care Program – Dr. Lavinia Tiko
Room H420
Email: lavinia.tiko@usp.ac.fj

Primary Education Program – Dr. Sunil Singh
Email: sunil.singh@usp.ac.fj
Room H426

Secondary Education Program – Dr. Krishna Raghuwaiya
Email: krishna.raghuwaiya@usp.ac.fj
Room H427

Special & Inclusive Education Program – Dr. Janine Simi
Email: Janine.Simi@usp.ac.fj

Educational Leadership and Change – Prof. Govinda Lingam
Email: govinda.lingam@usp.ac.fj
Room: H403

Practicum – Dr. Rosiana Lagi
Email – rosiana.lagi@usp.ac.fj
Room: SPACE General Office

Tertiary Teaching and eLearning – Dr. Shikha Raturi
Email: shikha.raturi@usp.ac.fj
Room: H432

Chair Research & Postgraduate Education Discipline – Dr. Hem Dayal
Email: hem.dayal@usp.ac.fj
Room: H405

Secretary Education Discipline – Vilma Ratumudu
Room H416
Email: ratumudu_v@usp.ac.fj

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