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We conduct training and research in the area of eLearning through the Teachers Educational Resource and Elearning centre (TEREC). While under the “Tertiary teaching” section, we currently offer a post graduate certificate.


Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (PGCTT)

Background of the programme

The USP’s Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (PGCTT) is a professional teaching qualification for practicing tertiary teachers. It is a response to an increased focus on quality outcomes for students in higher education and the need for better teaching and effective learning at tertiary level. This programme has a potential student base from those employed at tertiary institutions throughout the USP region, which is an enormously diverse group. Even the student base of USP staff is very diverse particularly in terms of their subject specialism and cross-departmental needs.

The two courses ED401 (Learning and teaching in Higher Education) and ED402 (Curriculum Design, Development and Evaluation in Higher Education Contexts) focus on learning and teaching and various aspects of curriculum development and design. The additional third course (ED403 Innovations in Learning Technologies and Professional Practice) from 2017 onwards provides innovation in learning and teaching through the infusion of cutting-edge technologies to transform pedagogy and practice in higher education. The three courses of the programme provide the complete package in learning and teaching, curriculum studies, and technology-mediated environments that will empower tertiary teachers and improve the quality of practice in higher education

The PGCTT programme is accredited against Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) awards. The two courses ED401 and ED402 are accredited against SEDA PDF “Learning Teaching and Assessing” and the third course is accredited against SEDA PDF “Supporting Technology enhanced Learning”.

Teaching Team for PGCTT:

Dr.Shikha Raturi (Programme Coordinator) (Course Coordinator for ED401 and ED403)

Dr. Hem Dayal.(Course Coordinator for ED402)

The three courses engage experts from time to time.

The PGCTT programme has been accredited by Staff Educational and Development Association (SEDA). See for more details:



Training and Outreach

We offer workshops and advise in the area of eLearning and the broad area of of use of information communication technology (ICT) in education at all levels that is from school to higher education.

For more information, please check our Teachers Educational Resource and Elearning centre (TEREC) page.

Research in eLearning

We offer research opportunities at masters and PhD level in eLearning and related areas of ICT in education.

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