Dr. Joeli Veitayaki

Title: Associate Professor

School: School of Marine Studies

Email: joeli.veitayaki(at)usp.ac.fj

Phone: 3232930


Expertise / Activities:

Joeli Veitayaki is an Associate Professor of Marine Studies at the University of the South Pacific’s School of Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Science Marine Studies.  He was recently the Acting Campus Director at the USP Samoa Campus in Apia. He is also Director for the International Ocean Institute Pacific Islands based at the USP, is Co-Chair of the Korea-South Pacific Ocean Forum (KSPOFF) and a member of the Panel of Experts for a Sustainable Ocean Economy assembled by the World Resource Institute in support of the High Level Panel on the Sustainable Ocean Economy.

He has formulated all of the community based initiatives of the Lomani Gau network, which has coordinated the partnerships between development partners and the 16 villages of Gau Island on the sustainable use and management of their environment resources.

Educational Background/ Qualifications:

Joeli, a trained teacher, with a BA GCEd and later an MA from USP. He obtained his PhD in Environment Management and Development from the National Centre of Development Studies (NCDS) at the Australian National University. He obtained in worked with the Fiji Government as a secondary teacher before he joined the USP in 1990.


Joeli celebrates his upbringing in rural Gau Island, Fiji and how his education and work has taken him to places he only used to see in books and film. This grounding has allowed him to navigate through the traditional and modern ways of living. He is grateful to be serving his family, village, island, Fiji, the Pacific Islands and the world.

Research Interests:

Joeli is fascinated with humans relations with their environment. He has conducted research and written articles and books on the importance of subsistence and artisanal fisheries, indigenous knowledge, traditional resources management systems, culture, capacity building, climate change, disaster risk reduction, community based resource management, sustainable development, the Law of the Sea, maritime transport and regional cooperation in the Pacific Islands. He has worked as a researcher and trainer in most of the Pacific Island Countries as well as in Australia, Canada, USA, Portugal, Japan, France, Norway and Korea.


2018:     2018 Embassy of Japan Ambassador’s Commendation

2015:     VC Award for Research Impact

2015:     ECOPAS Fellow at Bergen University and St Andrews University and Labex Corail (Laboratory of Excellence) Scholar at CREDO,

2014:     Visiting Labex Corail (Laboratory of Excellence) Scholar at CREDO, Aix_Marseille Univesite, Marseille, France

2009:     Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Lot 10 Staff Mobility Scholar, Universidade du Algarve, Faro, Portugal

2007:     Inaugural USP VC Price for Excellence in Research

2006-7: Visiting Fellow, Kagoshima University Graduate Centre for      Pacific islands

Publications & Presentations:

Veitayaki, J. (2021) Securing coastal fisheries in the Pacific: Critical resources for food, livelihood and community security  Pp 56 – 60 in Thomas, P and Keen, M (eds.) ANU DEVELOPMENT BULLETIN PERSPECTIVES 82 ON PACIFIC SECURITY: FUTURE CURRENTS. https://pacificsecurity.net/resource/development-bulletin-82/.

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Hidalgo, D.M., Nunn, P.D., Beazley, H., Sovanasalevu, J. and Veitayaki, J. (2021) Climate change adaptation planning in remote contexts: insights from community-based natural resource management and rural development initiatives in the Pacific Islands. Climate and Development Https: doi.org/10.1080/17565529.2020.1867046.

Kawai, K., S. Nishimura, T. Torii, R. Ogawa, A, Cokanasiga and J. Veitayaki, J. (2021) Movement of Bivalves (Anadara spp. From Fishing Grounds on to Land in the Fiji Islands. The Japan Society of Island Studies (JSIS) Vol 22 (1), February 2021.

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