Dr. Susanna Piovano

I am Associate Professor at the Discipline of Marine Studies, where I coordinate Marine Biology and Fish and Fisheries Biology, and conduct research primarily on marine megafauna – ranging from sharks and bony fishes to sea turtles – and the shallow waters that provide them habitats.

My research is focused on understanding the interactions between animals and biotic and abiotic factors that drive changes in their communities, using laboratory and/or field experiments and observations.

I believe that good management and conservation requires good science, and I am especially interested in:

–        biology and conservation of large marine vertebrates, such as sea turtles, sharks and bony fishes;

–        incidental captures in marine fisheries;

–        effects of pollution and environmental conditions on the behavioural ecology of aquatic animals.

I am available to supervise Master and PhD students; if interested, feel free to stop by my office or send me an email to discuss possible topics.

More recent publications (2017-current)

(Please note that a copy of my papers is available in USP Electronic Research Repository http://repository.usp.ac.fj/; * denotes a USP student/junior staff)


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