Ms. Shritika Prakash

Phone: (+679) 3232760


Office: SMS Postgraduate Room/M.102C

Ms. Shritika Prakash

Research Assistant


Shritika is a research assistant for sea turtle project at USP. She assists in logistics, data collection, and reporting. She has a combined 5 years of field experience working at sea turtle nesting and foraging grounds in Fiji.

Educational Background/ Qualifications:

Master of Science (Marine Science), The University of the South Pacific

Bachelor of Science (Marine Science), The University of the South Pacific


Shritika has completed her Bachelor of Science degree at USP. She joined as a volunteer for the sea turtle project in 2014 where she conducted sea turtle nesting survey in remote islands. Her growing interest in sea turtles resulted in her Master of Science degree at USP where she studied the nest distribution and paternal contribution of hawksbill turtles in Fiji.

Research Interests:

Sea turtle biology and conservation.


38th International Sea Turtle Symposium, Kobe, Japan

Publications & Presentations:

Prakash, S., & Piovano, S. (2020). Solomon Islands, in T. M. Work, D. Parker, & G. H. Balazs (Eds.), Sea Turtles in Oceania-MTSG Annual Regional Report 2020. IUCN/SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group Publication, pp. 538–568.

Prakash, S. S., Tuiono, M., Clay, S., Qarau, P., Philip, C., Miller, K., Meo, S., Tamata, L., Sharma-Gounder, S., & Piovano, S. (2020). Temporal and geographic distribution of hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) nests in Fiji, South Pacific. Testudo, 9(2), 12–23. Papale, E.,

Papale, E., Prakash, S., Singh, S., Batibasaga, A., Buscaino, G. and Piovano, S. (2020). Soundscape of green turtle foraging habitats in Fiji, South Pacific. PLOS ONE, 15(8), p. e0236628.

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