Kelly Brown

Position: Curator, USP Marine Collection

Phone: 323 1811


Office: M223A Marine Studies building, USP Lower Campus


Expertise / Activities

Kelly curates and manages the USP Marine Collection, and assists with undergraduate teaching and postgraduate diploma research supervision at the Discipline of Marine Studies. He is trained in biodiversity data management, provides training and prepares the Collection records for online publication.

He holds a PADI rescue diver certification and has over ten years of field experience in coral reef ecology.

Educational Background/Qualifications

Master of Science (Marine Science), Uni. South Pacific

Post Graduate Diploma (Marine Science), Uni. South Pacific

Bachelor of Science (Marine Science), Uni. South Pacific


Kelly completed his Bachelor of Science degree at USP, and went on to work in the marine aquarium trade where he worked on coral and live rock aquaculture. His Master of Science research focused on characterising an aggregation area of juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks in the Rewa River estuary, on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. . He is currently a USP PhD candidate, studying the population genetic structure and the connectivity of sea cucumbers in Fiji.

Research Interests

Genetics and its use in marine species conservation and fisheries management.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge in aquatic ecosystems.

Coral reef ecology and the role of large marine animals.

Identification of priority Chondricthyan research areas in the South Pacific region.

Publications & Presentations

Peer reviewed publications:

Lal, M. M., Macahig, D. S. S., Brown, K. T, Juinio-Meñez, M. A., Southgate, P. C., Ravago-Gotanco, R. (2021) Preliminary population genomic study on the sandfish Holothuria (Metriatyla) scabra. Animal Genetics. 

Dehm, J., Varea, R., Hewavitharane, C. A., Stockwell, B., Brown, K. T. (2021) First record of a pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps, Blainville, 1838) stranding along the coast of Viti Levu, Fiji. Australian Mammalogy.

Brown, K. T., Seeto, J., Lal, M. and Miller, C. (2016). Discovery of an important aggregation area for endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) in the Rewa River estuary, Fiji Islands. Pacific Conservation Biology. 22, 242‐248. doi:

Biodiversity data publications:

Brown K. (2018). Juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks in the Rewa River estuary, Viti Levu, Fiji 2012. Version 1.4. The University of the South Pacific – School of Marine Studies. Occurrence dataset

Brown K. (2018). Estuarine fish in the Rewa River estuary, Viti Levu, Fiji 2012. Version 1.2. The University of the South Pacific – School of Marine Studies. Occurrence dataset


Dutra, L., Balawa, A., Tanoada, M., Levu, A., Ferreira, M., Brown, K., Chand, N., Lovo, S., Lavaki, K., Naboutuiloma, G., Samson, K., Varea, R., Thompson, J., Sporne, I., Cansiso, D., Motson, M., van Putten, I., Tawake, A., Sokowaqanilotu, E., and Hills, J. 2017. A collaborative approach to integrate science into traditional management of coral reefs in Navakavu, Fiji. Presented at the 10th Indo‐Pacific Fish Conference (2‐6 October 2017), Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Brown, K. T. 2017. A childhood fascination turned research: A Fiji hammerhead tale. Presented at the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCESD) Seminar Series (21 March 2017), Suva, Fiji.

Brown, K. T., Seeto, J. and Miller, C. 2014. Preliminary assessment of a nursery ground for the Scalloped Hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini, in the Rewa River estuary, Fiji Islands. Presented at the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Fiji 2014 Conference (9‐11 July 2014), Suva, Fiji.

Sykes, H. R., Chapman, D. D., Villagomez, A. & Brown, K. T. 2011. Status of shark fishing and conservation efforts in the Fiji Islands. Presented at the 2nd Fiji Conservation Science Forum (14‐16 September 2011), Suva, Fiji.

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