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What is the meaning of “OHS” ?

OHS is the acronym for Occupational Health and Safety and relates to health,safety and welfare issues in the workplace.

What are the aims of OHS ?

Occupational Health and Safety includes the laws,standards and programs that aim to making the workplace and work activities safer and protects the health and well being of employees,employers,clients and the public using that workplace.


OHS is a legal Requirement in many countries.What countries served by the University of the South Pacific have existing national OHS legislation?

  1. Fiji – known as the Fiji Health and Safety At Work Act 1996 ( HASAWA 1996)
  2. Samoa – Known as the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2002
  3. Vanuatu – Knows as Health and Safety at Work Act 2006
  4. Solomon Islands – Known as Safety at Work Act 1982 ( SAWA 1982 )

What countries served by the University of the South Pacific are in the process of establishing their national OHS legislation?

  1. Kiribati
  2. Marshall Islands
  3. Tuvalu
  4. Cook Islands
  5. Tonga

University OHS Policy

The University of the South Pacific has established its OHS Policy since 1999

It is reviewed regularly , and is endorsed by the University Vice Chancellor and President with the latest being in 2021.

Heath Safety & Wellness Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Disaster Management Policy

University OHS Unit

The university OHS team is part of the Estates and Infrastructure Section based at the Laucala Campus

Its Staff include

OHS Manager

OHS Officer

EHS Officer – Vacant

OHS Assistant – Vacant

Functions of the USP OHS Unit

The following services are provided to all workplaces within the university by the team

  • Compliance Advisory and Services on Occupational and Environmental health and safety to enable all campuses to meet health safety and environmental statutory requirements and international best practices and standards.
  • Facilitate creation of workplace Occupational & Environmental health and safety representatives and committees and their engagement with management of workplaces and campuses
  • Implement Occupational and Environmental Hazard and Risk Management program via the conduct of multiple hazard inspections and assessments and initiating actions to ensure hazards and their risks are addressed appropriately.
  • Deliver Training and Awareness to staff and students on Workplace & Environmental Health and Safety Awareness
  • Injury Management by ensuring personal injury and environmental health and safety incidents are prevented and managed appropriately if they occur with minimal loss to life and property.
  • Emergency & Disaster  Management by ensuring potential health , safety and environmental emergencies within campuses and workplaces eg.Fire ,Earthquake,Tsunami and Cyclones ,etc have documented plans and procedures and that regular preparedness activities are done to enhance staff and student’s response and recovery to these emergencies is done appropriately.
  • Provision of Safety Signage and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Provision of Sustainable Waste Management and Environmental Green practices and services

Office Location

Our office is located at the Estate and Infrastructure headquarters at Middle Campus Laucala , Suva , Fiji Islands.


Land Line Phone Contacts  (679 )323 1620 / ( 679 ) 323 1622

Team Mobile Phone Contacts 

( 679 ) 8669765

( 679 ) 7225259

Generic Email address : ohs@usp.ac.fj

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