Dr Farita Tepora Wright


Name: Dr Farita Tepora Wright

Position: Fellow in Educational Planning

Email: farita.wright@usp.ac.fj

Office: Alafua Campus, Samoa


  • PhD, Education
    University of Waikato
  • Master of Education (Pacific Education, ICT in Education)
    Victoria University of Wellington
  • Bachelor of Education/ Bachelor of Arts
    University of Newcastle


Wright, F.T. (2023).  Who does external quality assurance policy in Samoa serve, and who benefits? PhD Thesis, University of Waikato. https://researchcommons.waikato.ac.nz/items/a104d70f-8b94-4b94-9d99-bcab6ba88231

Wright, T. (2022). External quality assurance policy enactment in Samoa: a study in relational tension. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 44(2), 151-165. DOI: 10.1080/1360080X.2022.2041257

Baice, T., Fonua, S., Levy, B., Allen, J. & Wright, T. (2021) How do you (demonstrate) care in an institution that does not define ‘care’? Pastoral Care in Education, DOI: 10.1080/02643944.2021.1951339

Havea, ‘E.H., Wright, F.T., & Chand, A. (2020). Going back and researching in the Pacific communityWaikato Journal of Education, 25, 131–143.

Afamasaga-Wright, F.T. (2011). Women in the teaching profession: Samoa country report. In F. Kelleher (Ed.), Women in the teaching profession: Exploring the feminisation debate pp.183-212. Commonwealth Secretariat, London. https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000212200?posInSet=1&queryId=N-EXPLORE-9e4556db-d2db-4e8f-bb97-e235dfb25b1d

Afamasaga-Wright, F.T. (2009). Threads of thought on leadership. In K, Sanga, & C. Chu, C (Eds.)., Living and leaving a legacy of hope: Stories by new generation Pacific leaders. He Parekereke Institute for Research and Development in Maori and Pacific Education, Wellington.

Afamasaga-Wright, F.T. (2008). Teacher perceptions of information and communication technologies in a secondary school in Samoa. Master’s Thesis, Victoria University of Wellington. www.researcharchive.vuw.ac.nz/handle/10063/688


Research interests

Education policy in Oceania, higher education in Oceania

Project involvement

  • Kiribati Education Sector Analysis (2023)
  • Professional Certificate in Education Planning and Policy (PCEPP) Regional Cohort (2024)
  • Education Policy and Planners Fono (EdPP) (2024)
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