Policy and Guidelines

  • 2.0  Media Relations Policy and Guidelines – USP engages positively with the Media in order to further its own institutional aims (which support the objectives of all of its Member Countries) and because it believes that a robust and flourishing Media supports just and equitable societies.  This Policy explains how these principles and values are reflected in USP’s engagement with the Media on a daily basis. Its implementation will ensure that USP’s policies, activities, and positions are effectively communicated and reflected precisely in the Media. The policy will help to ensure that USP’s media presence is consistent and that its messages are clear, internally as well as external to the University, in all member countries, throughout the region and beyond. In all of its dealings with the Media, USP seeks to ensure that its image and reputation are upheld.
  • 1.0  Media Coverage Information Guideline – The purpose of the Media Coverage Information Guideline is to provide guidance to staff in preparing accurate and professional media releases, articles, interviews and responses to the queries that are raised by the media and to define and set out the process and procedures required to be followed by the various sections when requesting media coverage of events, making major announcements, writing articles, and conducting interviews, which assist in raising the University’s profile regionally and internationally. The Guideline is available on the Policy Library and can be accessed at this link Media Coverage Information Guideline
  • 1.0  Communication Guidelines for Staff of The University of the South Pacific – The Communication Guidelines is aimed at assisting staff to better understand what is expected in terms of communication. It covers various communication modalities, suggests how one might choose which modality is most appropriate for a situation, and provides information on issues such as accessibility, specific notes on common forms of communication, such as email, and raises topics such as boundaries, risks, safeguards, and professionalism. The Guideline is available on the Policy Library and can be accessed at this link Communication Guidelines
  • 1.0  All Staff/All Student Email Distribution Policy – The purpose of this policy is to instruct users on the appropriate use of the All Staff/All Student email system and to provide recommendations on the content of the messages to be sent out in order to reduce recipient complaints, reinforce network security, promote best practice and to make effective and efficient use of the University’s resources.
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