Market Research, Administration & Finance

Led by the Manager Market Research and Administration, the unit is responsible for all market research efforts for the Division of Marketing and Communications, set policies and practices for gathering research on market conditions, competitors and consumer trends. The unit also oversees the implementation of the Marketing and Communications Strategy and Plan across the University and handles the administrative and finance functions to ensure that the office operations and management is carried out effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

The key role of the Unit is to identify key research areas that will support the marketing and communication efforts in all member countries and suggest the most appropriate research methodology and techniques to address the pre-existing gaps.

The Unit manages and executes all phases of market research studies and online surveys. We work with the Campus Directors and Heads of Schools on market research and marketing functions to help them make the best decisions possible by giving clear and actionable recommendations. Our knowledge of online research and traditional research methodologies, combined with our communication skills and analytical abilities, will shape how the University will grow in our existing markets and explore new markets.

Furthermore, the Unit is also tasked with ensuring smooth operation and functioning of the Division of Marketing and Communications. We handle a broad variety of administrative and financial tasks for the Division including the annual budgeting; expenditure monitoring and control; handling of confidential internal and external correspondence; and many more. We develop effective systems with the Director Marketing and Communications and the Managers to ensure the smooth operations of the Office. Finally and most importantly, the Unit provides a bridge for smooth communication between the DMC Office and other internal departments and stakeholders, for that reason please feel free to get in touch with our staff for anything that needs our attention.

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